Brave is a Four Letter Word

You may be wondering what I mean by my recent blog post title “Brave is a Four Letter Word.” Emma has always been a dare devil. I would say at least three times a week I have a parent ask me how old she is, comment about how gutsy she is or admire her athletic abilities. Hence, Emma is the four letter word I am referring to in my blog post title.

I’ve often questioned whether AJ and I should continue to feed her fearlessness. While she often makes my heart jump out of my chest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. As long as she is staying safe, having fun and loving what she does, I will let her continue to test her limits.

This week I am wrapping up two articles- one for on essential oils for runners and one for updating the growth and changes of women’s triathlon as an NCAA emerging sport. I hope I can finish them both before we head up to Winter Park and Devil’s Thumb for a little ski weekend!

Here are a few photos of Emma at climbing class at ABC Climbing this morning. Have a great week everyone!







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