A Day In The Life

A day with Emma is nothing short of being action packed. It might begin with a morning class from dance to climbing to a trip to the park or the pool. Lately, our days have been ending in the basement in her jumpy castle. It just happens to line up with where AJ put the TRX straps making for some wild swinging and monkey imitations.

Having adventures and fun with Emma is what often feeds my soul. This year, I’ve decided it is the year of experiences and not stuff. I’ve been slowly reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, and it has really helped me be able to let go of things. When I am finished, I look forward to the extra time I have to spend with Emma doing fun things and not tidying up.

Speaking of adventures…. We are off to Winter Park on Friday for a fun filled weekend! I can’t wait to hit Devil’s Thumb for some skate skiing and see Emma rip down the slopes at WP. I’m also looking forward to a trip to the beach to visit our parents in Florida in mid-February.

My article on masters runner Joanna Zeiger went live today on women’s running.com, and I had a good conversation with Brad Hecker, who was an instrumental part in women’s triathlon being adopted as an NCAA Emerging Sport, yesterday for my triathlete.com article updating what is happening with the sport.

Here are some photos highlighting what a typical day with Emma is usually like. The photos aren’t all from one day, but they are a good representation of her passion for all things active! Be sure to click on the photos for captions. Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!






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