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Reiterating my desire to make 2016 less about things and more about spending more quality time with Emma, I read a billboard, while driving with Emma to the zoo last Thursday, that said, “Be a dad to your kid today.” I found this really disturbing that people get so wrapped up in things (having the latest and greatest etc.), they have to be reminded to stop and be a parent. I’m guilty of doing it at times (especially too much time on my phone), but recently I’ve been working hard to try and use my time more wisely and savor all the phases with Emma.

These two recent articles I read have put a lot into perspective for me. The first one is by Elisette Carlson-the owner of SMACK! Media Although I’ve never met her in person, I have worked with some of her past colleagues and clients.


This other article talks about slow parenting.


Even though we are an on the go family by using my time more wisely, whether it be getting up a bit earlier or staying up a bit later, I’ve found that I can find more time for slow parenting. Life is much more enjoyable this way.

When we were up in Winter Park, I watched Emma look up at the sky arms wide open completely content at just watching the quiet snow fall down. In my mind all I could think about was rushing to get in a few more runs and return the rental equipment. But instead I allowed life to just slow down a bit. Was it really that important that she got in those last runs? No…. Just as Emma is a sponge and learning new things everyday, she teaches me new things everyday. I didn’t get a picture of Emma watching the snow, but it is the type of memory I will visualize in my head forever- a moment to just slow parent and enjoy the peacefulness of a snowfall with my little girl.

I’m excited about Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, so hopefully spring is on the way! Although, Emma had a snow day from school yesterday. Maybe this is the last storm of the season? We had fun doing groundhogs crafts and reading “Go to Sleep Groundhog,” but now Emma is all about Valentine’s Day. It’s been a treat to see how excited Emma is getting for holidays no matter what they happen to be.


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