One of Those Moms

After going to the doctor Tuesday afternoon, I became “one of those moms!” You know the ones- checking every ingredient on the package and grilling the waitress to see what is in such and such item on the menu. After almost 2.5 years of struggling with bowel issues, Emma’s Pediatric Gastro doc thinks she may be allergic to dairy. I’m happy that we might have a solution, but I wish Emma wasn’t so exposed to so many foods she loves that we now have to find substitutes for like cottage cheese. Instead of pinning fun craft ideas or things to sew lately, I’ve been pinning dairy free meal ideas.But, she is taking it like a champ so far enjoying chocolate almond milk and eating coconut yogurt. Emma has such a positive upbeat daily attitude that I should take more note of. I could stand to be a bit more positive in general.

We also changed Emma into a big girl bed. She loved being involved with rearranging the room and switching up the decor a bit with some mermaids. She’s gone four nights in a row sleeping through with no problem.

Books about Valentine’s Day from Arthur’s Valentine to The Day it Rained Hearts have been on our reading list this week. Emma has loved waking up to find a new heart every morning on her door stating something we love about her. It’s certainly easy to come up with things!

Wrapping up articles has been tough this week… everything is slow going! I’ll keep plugging away!

Emma wakes up to a new blue heart every morning stating something we love about her! 
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