Navigating New Territory

On Tuesday, we had signed up to do a fun Valentine’s chocolate craft event at the library. Seeing that milk chocolate has dairy in it, I knew we could no longer attend. I mean seriously, how do you keep a two year old from not sneaking some into their mouths? It’s the first thing that Emma has had to really miss out on because of her allergy/intolerance, and it made this mama sad as I knew she would have really enjoyed it. It’s little things that are making it harder as we encounter them like when she couldn’t have a free cookie from the bakery at Target- the highlight of her visit there in the past! But, I’m getting better about anticipating and carrying alternatives. I made a dairy free coconut whip Oreo cake for a Super Bowl Party that she devoured. It made having to say no to the cheese plate and the cookies calling her name a bit easier. And, she hasn’t had any issues with her bowels in over a week now. She also said her tummy feels better! It sure sounds like we found our solution!

This morning, Emma had her Valentine’s dance recital, and then we had a blast at the park after Tales for Tots and handing out Valentine’s. She is such a performer. I love how she just goes for it and is always so proud of herself afterward!

IMG_2963 (1)
Jumping out during her “Candy Girl” performance

We are packing up for a trip to Florida to see the grandparents for a week of sun and sand. Now that Emma is older, we can really do so many more things. Hitting the beach, a dolphin encounter and some good old family time are on the agenda!  And, I am getting a glimpse of what travel with a child that has an allergy is like- more logistics for sure.

One of the most magical moments I have now that I’m trying to do more slow parenting is when Emma sits on my lap to put ponies in her hair. She is pretty on the go. But when we have that moment where she rests upon me, the world stops. Not being much of a girly girl growing up, I’m surprised such a moment would resonate with me. This morning we had one of those moments, and I just felt a peacefulness I didn’t want to end.


I saw this comic this morning that reminded me of slow parenting and of Emma who just loves those puddles! It also reminded me of how she wiped out yesterday in a pool of mud running home from the park. She was covered in from her jacket and pants to her boots and hands. She didn’t complain and instead of throwing her in the BOB and rushing home to change her, we took our time and had a nice run home together. We even stopped to jump in a few puddles.

In less than six months, she will be three and going to preschool. The time has flown and as she gets older, I am cherishing the time we have together more and more.

I sent off my NCAA update article and just wrapped up my article about the athletes and referee saving two bathers during 70.3 South Africa. I am also excited to be doing some child/parent type writing for Adventure Project. More details about that later….

Have a great end to your week!





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