Palm Trees and Sand Castles

We just returned from a week in Florida visiting the grandparents. The first few days, we spent visiting AJ’s parents near Bradenton at Anna Maria Island. They rent a place there for the month of February to “escape” the cold of Calabash, North Carolina. We spent most of our time on the sand collecting shells and building sand castles. Their place is literally right across the street from the beach (Holmes Beach)!


After almost 15 years of running on the beach in Florida, I finally found two whole sand dollars. Thank you to the awesome couple who suggested I go for a run north on the Island near a restaurant called the Sand Bar Restaurant.



On Monday morning, we met my parents for lunch and made the luggage switch. The rest of our time was spent at the beach, pool and going on a dolphin viewing adventure. We also snuck in a quick trip to the outlets.


This was the third trip to Florida for Emma. Each year, it gets to be more and more fun as she can do more things. Vacation is fun, but it is always good to come back home! Last night, it was nice to not have to share a bed with a toddler who likes to sleep sideways!

We are also getting used to life with Emma being dairy free. After two great weeks, Emma is beginning to struggle with her bowels again. It’s not as tough for her to go, but she is still struggling a bit. I’m trying not to get frustrated as we have seen improvement, but I’m not so convinced that dairy is the only issue. We have 1.5 more weeks of the one month dairy elimination diet, so I’ll try to keep positive!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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