What Happened to the Light

The light I am referring to in my blog post title is the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve had to put Emma back on her Lactulose and the dreaded Mirilax regimen this week as her bowel issues have returned. Yesterday brought me back to the toughest of days as she cried and asked to be held. Moments later, she was repeating a favorite line from a book called Hedgehug-P.S. I like your spikes! That’s just one of the many reasons Emma is truly a gift to me- her ability to bounce back, hang tough, smile and bring humor to hard situations. And it’s this attitude that is going to not only help her but help me get through the next steps in the diagnosis process- barium X-rays and camera scoping.

A dear neighbor and friend suggested that the book Curious George Goes to the Hospital may help ease any worry Emma has about the tests. George has to drink barium and get an X-ray just like Emma will. She does love that silly monkey, so I’m hoping this will make her feel better about it all. We were going to get her a fish as a potty training reward, but I think a blue beta fish may be in her immediate future for all she has to go through!


I finished the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up and am beginning the KonMari Method process. I also have started my journey using Power Sheets to try and focus on what is really important to me in life and achieving my goals. The beginning process is pretty time consuming as I really dive into my fears and the things holding me back.

I’ve decided to send out my first children’s book manuscript this week and am finally settling down to work on my essential oils for runners article. I uploaded my recent article on the retirement of beloved pro triathlete Belinda Granger for Triathlon and Multisport Magazine on my Latest Work page, so be sure to check it out!

Happy Hump Day! Only two more days till the weekend……

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