New Challenges, New Phases

I’ve often heard from more experienced moms that with age comes new challenges and new phases. As soon as you adjust to life one way, it changes. I’m definitely seeing that with Emma as we navigate the terrible two’s. Behavior can change in an instant and lessons will resonate one moment and not the next. We taken to taking things away as a way to change behavior as time outs didn’t resonate with her. We are also trying to focus on the positive behaviors we see and emphasize those.

After a rough go at the library this morning, I want to ask why is a crying/melting child like a car wreck? It seems as though many mother’s feel the need to stare at you rather than focus on their own children when you are trying to drag your child out of public. We are all in this together to make our children the best they can be. Staring at someone while their struggling is the last thing thing I consider as supportive.

I pushed the send button on my very first children’s book manuscript query Tuesday night to a new and upcoming picture book agent. It’s been a long time in the making. I’ve always had this secret (not so secret anymore) dream of being a children’s book author. The fear of rejection has always held me back. But this year, my word is Believe! My Power Sheets (thank you Lara Casey)  have really helped me clear clutter, focus on what is important and embrace my fears. I know I am capable of so much more! If you have had trouble focusing on what is important to you, I suggest checking them out. I only just started, but they have been helping me a ton.

Along with cleaning out the disaster better known as the garage this weekend, I hope to send off my article for on essential oils for runners. Then, I can focus on pitching new outlets and my work for Adventure Project. It will be nice to have a weekend together as a family after AJ was gone last weekend.

Hang in there Mamas and Dadas! I promise not to stare at you while your child melts and to send you inner strength to get through the rough time!



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