Trials and Tribulations

To say the past week with Emma was hard is an understatement. Since she is generally always happy and behaves, when she acts up it seems to be more frustrating than ever. Tuesday- Thursday she decided not to nap. After “quiet time” in her room on Tuesday (think screaming the words to “Let it Go,” jumping on and off the bed and tearing two books), I didn’t think it could be much worse. From hitting to throwing and general talking back and defiance, the next two days pushed me to my limit. She destroyed her room during her nap both days taking everything out of the closet and drawers and all the pieces of her magnetic calendar. AJ came to relieve me on Thursday just as she finished putting everything away. I left the house for some me time and felt much better when I returned. Friday- Sunday went much better with her acting more herself. Maybe it was the winter winds that were affecting her.

Friday we went to the doctor and are confirming a date for her barium enema X-ray. It should be done in the next two weeks at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. We are going to continue to be dairy free. It’s helping, but there may be some additional internal things that are making it hard for her to go.

On a happier note, we are starting to make plans for summer travel to the beach to visit with AJ’s family, to the shores of Lake Geneva, WI to see my family and maybe a hut trip too. We are also looking into summer camps for Emma granted she is potty trained. She is the flower girl in a wedding in April and with her bowel issues, we are waiting to start that!

I picked up a new assignment for Colorado Parent on hiking with kids in Colorado (my first multipage spread in the mag). I also managed to FINALLY finish up my essential oils article for

Have a great Monday! After some morning and early afternoon rain, I’m looking forward to a little puddle jumping after Emma wakes up from her nap.


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We made dairy free smoothies at Toddler School this past week.
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