Try Something New

On Friday, I did something new for me. As a part of my quest to work on my wellbeing, I got a babysitter for Emma for two hours. I have so many excuses why I haven’t in the past from not wanting to spend the money to what if she is scared or cries for me or has a poop incident. I took the opportunity to enjoy a singletrack run in the amazing weather and worked on my multipage article for Colorado Parent on hiking with kids. I already have plans this coming week to do it again. It was so amazing to have time to work on an article at a coffee shop away from the laundry piles, toy tornado and breakfast dishes piled in the sink. And to run during the day kid free on a non weekend was heaven!

Beautiful views from my trail run

I also started doing Yoga once a week at the Erie Rec Center. I love how much it clears my head of anxiety and stress and helps me keep grounded- all important things while navigating those terrible two’s.

Here is a link to my latest article for on Essential Oils.

I also sent out a few new article pitches this week and am hoping to break into a new online magazine. Emma will be having her Enema Barium X-ray on Monday. Send some happy thoughts our way and good luck all you parents with Daylight Savings!


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