Spot the Frog

Saturday morning we got up and went into Boulder for an early breakfast at the Buff. If you don’t get there early on a weekend, expect to wait. Emma enjoys the dairy free pancakes there. After breakfast, AJ took Emma for a hike around Wonderland Lake while I headed north and ran the Dakota Ridge Trail- a fav of mine in Boulder. It’s been a month or so, but I got to experience one of my favorite things after a run again Saturday morning- meeting back up with Emma on a trail or beach and having her sprint towards me to give me a hug. These photos are from Florida- a post beach run hug! It’s the little things….

Sunday, I got on my mountain bike for a real ride (riding to downtown Erie to the farmers market or the coffee shop doesn’t count) on the singletrack trails for the first time in about a year. It felt great. In the afternoon, I went to pick up a fish tank from friends of ours- the Haids. They were nice enough to pass along some fish and a frog to Emma to cheer her up after all these tests and doctor visits. Emma loves the fish and Spot the frog. She even reads and sings to them. Her she is reading The Lorax to them.


Emma’s barium enema X-ray went fine on Monday. It was uncomfortable for me to watch, so I can only imagine what she was feeling. She cried a small amount but was easily distracted by showing her the  X-ray screen where she could see her elbow etc. She is off a bit today- more sensitive and crabby than usual. We will hopefully have some results in the next few days.

I’m still not feeling that great and will be going into the doctor for a recheck next week. I’m planning to drop Emma off for a few hours on Friday to get some work done and hit a mid morning spin class since we are supposed to get snow. Boo!!!

We are still busy trying to plan our summer. AJ is looking into racing the Masters Track National Championships (velodrome), and I may jump back in the race scene doing some trail races and the Coyote Tooth Duathlon- part of XTERRA Winter Park in August.

Emma will be busy as always- at Avid4 Adventure Camp, dance camp and visiting the grandparents. And, we can’t forget a few Mountain Goat Kids trail runs. Emma loves to run, and these races are so much fun. OK- maybe I’m a bit biased too because they interviewed my kiddo at a  race and featured her words in the beginning of the article:

I chatted via email today with Tony Parker, author of Best Front Range Hikes for Kids, for my Colorado Parent article on hiking with kids. I’m trying to brainstorm some ideas for around Mother’s Day for the website and pitching away.

My article about the two athletes and a volunteer who rescued two males from drowning during 70.3 South Africa is live on the website.

Have a great rest of your week!

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