Finding Balance

Finding balance in life is tough children or not. But, I think once you add a little one (or multiple to the mix), balance is even more of a challenge. Yes I might have grown up on ice skates, but it hasn’t helped me be even stevens between work, household responsibilities and taking care of me (that was a joke if you didn’t get it- ice skates and balance).

I’m still not feeling great and have a follow up appt on Tuesday. Shortly after my oldest sister passed away suddenly, I started having issues not sleeping well, feeling tired etc. I had a bought of cyst pain in 2007 and off and on after. Now looking back on it, I probably have been suffering from PCOS for years and years but it went undiagnosed since my symptoms always came and went. I’m ready to finally feel better again- to be happy and healthy.

I’ve been much more consistent working out and staying focused on my goals. I think that has helped my overall mentality trying to stay positive about Emma’s bowel issues and my own health.

I dropped Emma off at a sitters again this morning for a few hours. It’s interesting as I sit here and write from a coffee shop, my mind often drifts off to what Emma is doing right now- what is she playing with, is she wondering about me….. I know this time is good for her and I. I can tell I’m much more patient with her now, and I do enjoy our one on one time more. The reality that the mom and me classes we go to are going to be a thing of the past come this summer is really starting to hit me. I’ve been so blessed to be able to stay home with her and create so many wonderful memories. But, I’m even more blessed to have a supportive husband who knows how much I need me time too. He’s been great taking on extra tasks etc., so I can have that time he has been for years and years telling me to take.

Emma’s Barium X-ray tests came back negative for Hirschsprung’s Disease and other things they were looking for. I guess that is a good thing, but it still doesn’t solve her bowel issues. The episodes are much more sporadic and less intense (to not get into too many details), but they aren’t completely gone. We are sticking to the dairy free diet and will have a follow up with her GI doc in April.

I am about to wrap up my Colorado Parent article and am starting work on my best national park hikes for kids article for Adventure Project. I am really enjoying writing for the child/parent market. Someday, I’ll get an article in Parent or Family Fun! I’ve just got to believe!

Have a great weekend and happy spring!



Emma climbs anything she can. Here we are at dance class- one of the mom and me classes I am going to miss come June.



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