Life With a Threenager

The new snow has made for some long days with my “threenager”. When Emma is cooped up and can’t climb, run and hang outside, she has a ton of energy. This is when listening goes out the window, and the aggression and bad behavior come in. We tried a bit of kid yoga to calm her body and mind before we put her to bed the other night. While the yoga didn’t calm her down in that moment, she seemed to settle down in her bed quicker. The jury is still out, and we will try it a few more nights this week. One highlight is that she told me she liked doing yoga with me as we headed downstairs the next morning. Excuse my form- I’m a Yoga novice! Here we are doing donkey!



We welcomed the first day of spring yesterday with a snowshoe trek up at Brainard Lake. It was a bluebird day with little wind. It was a good opportunity for me to test out my new North Face Thermoball™ Hybrid Hoody. It kept me warm in between the shadows of the trees and was breathable when I was pulling Emma up the hills in the chariot. Hopefully the weather will start cooperating, so we can start to take advantage of the extra daylight.


Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at the doctor. I still have pain but no new cysts. They took a bunch of blood and are running a bunch of tests. I won’t get into what they talked about it possibly being- not ready for that. At least Emma is on week three of no Mirilax and doing well. Things are looking up in her case.

My new article for Colorado Parent came out yesterday on jogger friendly dirt trails in Colorado! It was a fun article to write although my running with Emma in the BOB days are over now.

Easter is in full swing in our house. Easter egg hunts with friends, a visit with the Easter Cow and egg painting. Good luck to all the parents stuck inside with your kiddos today!


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