Even at 2.5, Emma is experiencing how cliques work and how mean girls can be. A few times in the past couple weeks, she has been put off by a few girls because they were “older than her” and therefore wouldn’t play with her. And just the other day, a friend was telling us how at his daughter’s daycare it sometimes looks like a scene from the movie Mean Girls with girls not letting other girls play because they weren’t an “Elsa” etc. I can only hope that I pass along some caring qualities to her where she tries to bridge the gaps and include everyone. Emma- I hope you learn to be a champion for the underdog!

It’s also hard to believe that so many firsts with Emma are now in the past. Emma got her first haircut last night. She didn’t cry. I didn’t cry, but I wanted to. I know there are many more firsts to come- some good (first time riding a bike) and some bad (first broken heart). One of Emma’s favorite books happens to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ “My Brave Year of Firsts.” It’s a really cute book about growing up.


I’m so happy the snow is starting to melt from our last huge storm. It was nice to have AJ home for the day on Wednesday. We embraced it and had some fun building a fort, throwing Emma into snowbanks and watching her spend time with neighborhood friends tromping through mounds of the white stuff. “Don’t eat the yellow snow, Emma!”

IMG_3830                    IMG_9062

Now that I don’t have any time sensitive writing assignments on my plate, I am digging (or typing rather) deep into my first Adventure Project article on “Perfect National Parks Hikes for Kids.” After spending so many years writing about triathlon, running and endurance sports, I am really enjoying a change of audience and topics.

Happy Easter! May you enjoy your day with loved ones.

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