Passing on Tradition

One of my favorite parts about being a parent is passing along traditions from my family. At Easter, we have the traditional ugly egg. My dad always made one growing up. It was usually some form of putrid green. It’s really a simple tradition, but one that I can’t associate Easter egg coloring without. Another tradition is a love for the Peanuts Gang. Emma loves the Snoopy I passed along to her from my childhood and the Charlie Brown I bought around the time I had my first classroom as a teacher. She snuggled with them as we watched It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown the other night. I can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when I see her enjoying some good old Charlie Brown. I hope Emma passes on a few family traditions to her children. Here she is using Charlie as a pillow while she watches It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. 



Easter morning began well with an egg and basket hunt and pancakes for breakfast. We had some fun playing with our neighbors in the afternoon sun. We have such a great neighborhood with great kids and fun parents much like how I grew up. We ended Easter with dinner over at a neighbors house.


I ended up taking a mid-morning nap on Easter after feeling exhausted. My brother in law was admitted to the hospital Sunday morning for atrial fibrillation but is doing better now. When things like this happen, it is so hard living so far away. For me, nothing was alarming with my blood test results. Overall, that is a good thing but also means we don’t have any answers still as to what is going on with me. One thing they were testing for was early menopause. I have to say I’m very happy it wasn’t that. I don’t think I could of handled turning 40 in September knowing I’m going through menopause as well. I’m hoping as I start to feel better turning 40 won’t be such a big deal.

Purging using the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up is going slowly, but I’m making progress. AJ cleaned out/reorganized the garage a few weeks ago. While not much was thrown away, it works better for us now. We also worked a bit on the basement and managed to empty three bins and one box. I still have way more to go with the holiday decor. AJ is also in the process of building me storage shelves. I love the ones he built so far!


And tackling the playroom is going to be a whopper of a challenge. Maybe this article will help me out?

One of these nights when I’m not exhausted, we will continue to make summer plans. With how crappy I’m feeling, it’s hard to even want to think about. I did book a time for Emma’s 3rd birthday party at the climbing gym in July. It may seem early, but Emma has three other friends with birthdays at the end of July/early August. Plus, summer is a busy time with vacations, camps etc. I also signed Emma up for Storybook and Under the Sea dance camp at Dance Space this summer.

I really enjoyed reading this article from Today Parenting on making parenting less stressful. I’m so guilty of the things she mentions in the article. I had to tell myself yesterday to stop pinning things on Pinterest for Emma’s party that is over four months away. I’m really happy with myself for not getting up early and hitting the after Easter sales. Yes, it is great to save money. But after doing so last year, Emma got so much little stuff at Easter this year, it was just plain silly. As parents, we all know our kids have too much stuff. And for me, it just equals more stress as I can’t go to bed at night not picking it up. And, closing the doors to the playroom isn’t enough for me to not get stressed about the mess inside. It’s an evil game wanting your child to be happy, have it all and feel loved. That is why I love the message of this article.

I’m still pitching away and trying to come up with story ideas (not a strong suit) as I continue to work on my posts for Adventure Projects. All this online exploring of National Parks gets me excited to travel more with Emma.

My friends Stephanie and Jeremy (and their son Miles) welcomed twin boys Asher and Brooks into the world this morning. My day got a little sunnier hearing the great news!

Have a great week!



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