Being Sick= The Pits

Well, this week was anything but adventurous for Emma and I. She caught her first cold in a year, and we spent Tuesday-Thursday on the couch basically watching Frozen, Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas and the Peppa Golden Boots DVD. We also missed preschool and dance. Emma is a healthy child most of the time, so I am thankful these days don’t happen often. There was some bursts of energy mixed in throughout the days. Despite a deep cough and runny nose, Emma found a reason to dance. I truly love that about her! Despite the rain clouds (and even snowflakes coming down), she put on a smile, busted a move and made the best of the situation.


I continue to feel yucky, but I’m trying my hardest to stay upbeat! I’ll be trying some new medicine in a few days time that I hope has a big impact on my energy, moods and pain. After a few weeks of working out consistently, this week was a bust. I got a run in on Monday and today, but that was it. I know the upcoming weekly forecast of sunny warm days will help my motivation.

I was able to find a few print copies of my latest article for Colorado Parent . I didn’t realize they planned to use such a big photo of Emma and I. It’s still crazy to open a mag and see my name or in this case name and photo of me. I got a few nice emails and messages about the article from people I know and didn’t know that enjoyed the article, so that was nice. As a freelancer and having no true boss, it is nice to get compliments. In case you missed, here is the link starting on page 40!

Yesterday, AJ had his first bike race of the season! Emma had fun cheering and ringing her bell around the course along with collecting a bouquet of dandelions to give to Dada when he finished. We enjoyed a nice dinner outside afterward at Waterloo in downtown Louisville. Go Dada go! IMG_4104

This morning we went to Home Depot and grabbed more wood for the rest of the basement shelves and some on sale organic soil for my garden. And no, I’m not planting anything yet… In Colorado, the rule is to not plant until after Mother’s Day. But, Emma and I have planned out the garden and made our first decorative craft to go in it when it is time- a rock caterpillar. The simple directions are at the end of this post if you want to make your own!

Hope you are out enjoying this glorious weather!

Rock Caterpillar


  • 5-6 rocks of similar size
  • Colorful paint (permanent if caterpillar will be outside)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharpie
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • Scissors

After collecting rocks, paint them in desired colors. Let rocks dry. Cut a pipe cleaner and create two antenna. When dry, hot glue the rocks together making sure to glue all the way around each connection spot. Glue on the antenna. Add a face with a sharpie, and you are done.

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