Savor the Moments

Toddler school ended last week. Naps are becoming few and far between. After Emma is in a wedding next weekend, we start potting training. We moved the rocking chair out of her room. I almost have a 3 year old. How did this happen? Long days and short years……

Lately when Emma has asked me to come snuggle and watch Mickey (or Peppa), I drop everything to join her on the couch. Before, I would typically tell her that I would be there in a minute or two after I did so and so. But, I know my time to do this is coming to an end. I mean face it, I know I’ll be heating up that coffee no matter what. So, I’m trying to savor the moments while I still have them. One of my favorite moments was lying on a blanket at the park watching the clouds go by and talking about the shapes we saw.


Laundry is piling up higher, dishes may stay in the sink longer and dinner might be as simple as grilled chicken and steam in the microwave corn. But, I couldn’t be happier or care less. Once something that stressed me out, now I know it will get done!

This past week was busy as always but fun. We went to the Denver Aquarium for the first time on Wednesday. Thursday we stayed home and made a now late (better late than never) teacher gift for Emma’s toddler school teacher!  I’m so itching to start my garden, but I know better. Emma is excited too, so we are slowly working on getting ready to plant post Mother’s Day. We painted a garden tool caddy we found in the Spot section at Target for easy transport of our garden tools.


AJ finished up my storage shelves in the basement with a little help from Emma. Now, I need to finish going through the bins to see what we should keep, sell and donate. Tonight, we are starting a big backyard project for Emma- her own climbing wall with a cool a-frame clubhouse.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m working on my best hiking tips for Adventure Projects and seeking out parent sources for recommended beginner mountain bike trails to take kids on. Speaking of hiking tips, this coming week is National Parks Week from April 16-24th. If you are itching to go for a hike, now is the time since admission is free all week long. A writing colleague, Shannon Davis, wrote a great piece for the REI blog on ten National Park hikes for kids. Check it out here:

Have a great week! Aim high!






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