Going Back

A few posts ago, I wrote about savoring memories. This morning, I went for a run on one of my favorite trails in Boulder- the Marshall Mesa trail. The trail has changed so much from those first days of running in it in the late 90’s. Flooding, erosion and heavier use have all changed the landscape of this jaunt. There used to be a small grass matted parking lot off of Marshall Rd that held a max of ten cars. Now, there is a much larger trailhead off Eldorado Springs Rd with overflow and non Boulder County resident parking across the street. Cows used to roam the trails, and I can’t help but think about the time I got smacked in the leg by a cow tail on a run there so long ago. The one thing that hasn’t changed about that trail is the beauty and the expansive views of the Flatirons from the trail.

When AJ and I moved to Boulder in the summer of 99, all seemed right in the world. We were on cloud nine starting our post college life in such an amazing place. So much has changed since those early days as Coloradans. We have had some great things happen (getting married and the birth of Emma), but we have also had some rough times too. The past year has been hard on us. But going back to an old trail this morning, I felt some peace. Going back, I relived those memories of old where everything was OK. And, it reminded me that despite the great loss we suffered last year and my health setbacks, everything can be OK again.

I hope that everyone has memories that they have savored that can help them through the rough patches. Tough times will come and go, but memories are there forever.


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