Make sure a few of them are dirt

While on a trail run last week, I came upon two girls  (I am assuming sisters) lagging behind a woman  (the mom) walking a dog on the trail. Both were looking down at their phones as the tremendously beautiful landscape just passed them by.  As I I ran by them, I heard the one girl say to the other, “Sweet we can still text from up here.” Hearing this disturbed me. I read an article the night before with a statistic that said prisoners in maximum security prisons spend more time daily outdoors than half of the worlds children ages 5-12. Granted, the two girls were outside getting exercise. But, they were also missing out on many of the opportunities that being outside affords people especially uninterrupted time to talk to each other and their mother.

Screen time, whether it be tablet, phone or TV, is a big contributor to  why children are spending less time outdoors. I myself enjoy too much screen time mainly via phone. I am trying so hard to break that habit, especially around Emma. Children lead by example, and I don’t want Emma to think that screen time is more important than one on one conversation and play time.

Thankfully, Emma is a big proponent of being outside. I typically never say no to some good old fresh air and Vitamin D. Sometimes there are legit reasons why we can’t go outside at that moment like when I have something hot on the stove or its a blizzard out. But, I am trying to not let little things stand in the way of outdoor time.

I love this post from Hike it Baby about tips from a toddler to get their parents to spend some time in the sunshine!

Remember, it’s National Parks Week through the 24th. That means free entrance into any National Park. Even the shopping website Zulily recognizes the importance of spending time in the great outdoors.

I want to squeeze in a quick trip to Garden of the Gods this weekend with Emma while we are in Colorado Springs for a wedding. Hope you get a chance to play in the dirt this week!

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