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I haven’t been posting much about my writing assignments lately as they are kind of in a holding pattern as of the moment. Yesterday, I woke up grumpy partly because of the weather and partly because I’m not hearing back from editors and sources. I know responding to my emails isn’t the most important thing on an editor’s never ending to do list. I also know that it is par for the course as a freelancer too. When I was an editor, I tried my best to get back to writers within a day as I knew the agony of waiting. Without a boss, getting a yes on an assignment pitch or article feedback is the only way to learn and the only way to know that you are doing a good job!

Back when AJ and I were living off a freelance income, an assignment was do or die for us. Thankfully, I am in the position now that not getting an assignment doesn’t make or break us. We have what we need to be safe and comfortable with a few luxuries thrown in. AJ was able to work a half day from home yesterday, and he spent some time in the gloomy weather working on Emma’s climbing wall. I wanted to pout and be grumpy on the couch. But seeing him outside making the most of his time, I knew I needed an attitude adjustment. S0 trying to practice what I preach about gratitude and attitude, I embraced the weather and went for a trail run in the mist before the weather really turned. I also took the opportunity to pull weeds- something I feel is therapeutic and I actual enjoy doing. I felt much better afterward with a happier lookout and more positive attitude about things. Freelancing is about perseverance. And I’m grateful that a writing contract doesn’t equal food on the table! I will press on! 

IMG_5066 (1).JPG
View from my run 

I’ve been thinking about what adventure means to me with embracing this concept of slowing down. You see the signs and the t-shirts about going on adventures, the mountains calling etc. I used to think that meant having to do something epic. Not everything has to involve a full car of gear. Some days it might mean just navigating around Target to skip the Spot Section, avoiding anything that might have Anna and Elsa on it and getting out of there without Emma asking me to buy her something. And, I’m OK with that.

Potty training Emma is my next adventure. So far, she is doing great! Whatever your next adventure may be, tackle it head on!

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