Tech Free Sunday

Sunday I decided to go tech free (no computer or phone) from the time Emma was awake till she went to bed. This meant I didn’t check email, look at Facebook or Instagram or read and respond to texts. I told my family that they could call me if it was important. Here are some of my observations from going tech free.

  1. I got so much more done. It’s amazing what you can sneak in from dishes to laundry with the extra time not checking Facebook, Instagram etc. I’m never on it for more than a few minutes at a time. But when you do it several times a day, it adds up. Technology has its place, but it can also be a time suck!
  2. It was nice not having to carry my phone around. With a potty training toddler, I have enough junk on me to carry. You should see my phone from all the times I’ve dropped it doing things like trying to hold the open door open while carrying groceries and Emma’s favorite stuffy.
  3. I always knew where my phone was since I kept it upstairs on my nightstand. I wasn’t doing the multiple times a day search for it.
  4. I was in a better mood. Not seeing news clips about child abuse, reading about this candidate or that one etc. made me more positive throughout the day.
  5. I was more in the moment. I love to take photos especially of Emma. It was a habit to snap a few pics and then do a quick check of the Facebook feed. A few weeks ago when headed to a doctor appointment, Emma said to me, “Mama- they still have snow at the doctors. They must have got more snow than us.” I hadn’t even noticed. I really need to be more in the moment like Emma is.
  6. I fell asleep faster and got better sleep. I have seen articles about how using technology right before you go to bed keeps you awake. After a few more tech free days, I’ll let you know if they are truly related.
  7. My wants were fewer. I didn’t see sponsored and pop up ads for clothes or trendy things on Instagram etc. I didn’t see friends and acquaintances checking in at restaurants….
  8. There are better ways to decompress. Since the inception of Facebook, I have used things like social media to decompress, veg out and escape. It’s easy and quick, so it became a natural thing to do. I need to tap into my old ways of decompressing- going for a walk, reading a book, crafting.

I plan to have more tech free days and am aiming for three to four a month. I know how refreshing it was for me. Here’s to the start of a new week and the month of May. Whatever is on your plate this week, aim high!

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