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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Long ago I was a tennis teacher in college and went on to work as a before and after school teacher, spent time as a SSN aide and then had my own classroom- second grade and a severe needs classroom. I still have my Colorado teaching license and did some subbing while Emma was still growing in my tummy. I enjoyed my days in the classroom and think about the kids that crossed my path often. In fact, my second graders are now about to graduate high school. I still am in touch with some of them (or their parents), and it is amazing to see what wonderful people they have become.

Back in 2009, AJ surprised me with a birthday trip back to Chicago to see U2 at Soldiers Field. I really wanted to see my old elementary school- DuJardin. The office staff was nice enough to take me around to see my old school. I was even able to see my favorite teacher of all time- Mrs. Frerichs. She happened to still be teaching there (3rd grade now instead of 2nd), but was retiring at the end of the year. It was great to be able to tell her how much she meant to me still so many years later.


But, teachers don’t always have to come in classroom form. I’ve had many people teach me things about life not in the confounds of a school building. Learning is all around us. I would like to believe I’m a student for life.

I have the book Oh the Places You’ll go for Emma to present to her at her high school graduation. I’m slowly having her teachers write little messages to her from her first teacher Mylinh who taught her to love reading to her favorite climbing teacher Gordy. I saw the idea years and years ago and thought what an amazing gift that would be.

So if you have ever had anyone teach you something from your time tables and the perfect cartwheel to how to get over a broken heart and beyond, take a moment to send them a quick message if you are still in touch. Or, pass along what they taught you to help another. That is the best way you can thank them!

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