Finding Your Identity

Having a child changes life in so many ways that I could have never imagined until I experienced it. When Emma came along, I also had the major life change of becoming a stay at home mom. Although I kept writing, taking care of Emma became my number one job- my priority.

I love this article about being a SAHM from Scary Mommy! She hits the nail on the head for so many things I feel. I completely resonate with her. Even almost three years later, I still have the inner conflicts she mentions in the article.

When bills come in and car repairs need to be made, I feel guilty that I don’t contribute more monetarily. Going to PR events and media days, shooting photos off the back of a moto and writing articles in coffee shops are what I came to know for so many years. All of that was gone, and my identity suffered. But, the article above is a great starting point for being satisfied with where I am. I am still working on creating a new identity where I strike a balance of being the best mom to Emma I can be while also taking time to write and contribute a bit financially. In between, I sneak in time for myself whether it is hitting the trails running or on my mountain bike or reading a book and doing some sewing. Alessandra’s point about being a student reminds me of this quote from Positive Energy- Think, Feel, Create, Give.



Summer plans are coming along. I printed out some calendar pages, and AJ and I filled out all the possible things we would like to do in pencil. AJ bought a mountain bike from a workmate and friend, so he wants to maybe do a few mountain bike races. I’m looking into a couple trail races. And we are searching for Strider races for Emma to do along with a couple trail runs with Mountain Goats. We are also itching to take Emma camping for the first time. What’s camping without S’mores on the fire?

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Hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother’s Day. I spent the day doing some of my favorite things with my two favorite people. I even took a little nap with Emma. We haven’t done that in over a year together!

However you describe yourself, take that identity and rock it. Make this week great!


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