Roller Coasters

I don’t think it is possible to navigate life without picking up a few bad habits on the way. I am no exception to that! I tend to be a stressful and emotional eater. I use the triggers of tough days, difficult situations and bad memories as a case to not work out or to just check out. Sometimes I even let the hard times of those I love get to me too. For as long as I can remember, my emotions have always been up and down much like a roller coaster.

Last weekend, I had an episode of this brought on by going through Emma’s old clothes. I know clothes are physical things, but it is memories that I connect with some of the outfits that make them hard to let go of. One prominent example is the Gap Boo sweatshirt dress she wore when we went to dinner at Oskar Blues. We have this picture of her nuzzled up in AJ’s arms asleep. Sitting at dinner, we felt so content and proud that we were able to keep this tiny creature alive for three months. The list goes on. But I need to continue to remember that even without the dress, I still have the memory. And I’m trying to find solace in the fact that another family will make memories in those clothes as well.

I’ve seen a few things pop up on how being outside is good for for your brain especially from the emotional standpoint. I went for a run during a lull in the heavier rain on Tuesday. It was just enough time in the dirt, mud, drizzle and cooler temps to turn my thinking around. This article sums it up perfectly.

Emma was diagnosed with ring worm yesterday. We got to dance yesterday morning, and I noticed all this hair on the back of her car seat. So, the first thing I did was google hair loss in children. I know she wasn’t pulling her hair out as I look at her through the mirror all the time when driving. I like to see her smile, singing or looking out as the world goes by. I found a small spot on her head, so we headed to Children’s since it was right down the street.

I have no idea where she got it or when. It’s slow growing, so she is on medicine for 42 days. Poor thing- it doesn’t taste good and she has to take down 10ml everyday. The girl gives every dog she can a hug whether we know the owner or not. She runs around barefoot all the time. She goes to swim lessons. You name a common place or scenario that it thrives in, and we have been there, done that! It’s slow growing, so she is on medicine for 42 days. Poor girl- it doesn’t taste good and she has to take down 10ml everyday.

Yesterday evening, we went outside to get some fresh air in the backyard as no other kiddos were out. It’s tough being cooped up especially after it was the first time we had seen the sun in multiple days. After about 15 minutes, one of the neighbor boys came out. I tried to explain to Emma why we couldn’t go over to play. Of course at almost three, she didn’t understand. She doesn’t look sick or feel sick, and that it made it all that more difficult. I had to carry her inside full on screaming/crying. It took her almost 20 minutes to calm down.

AJ suggested we hit the trails for some riding and running. It turned out to be just what we needed and helped in exactly the way the article outlines. Emma was still able to be outside, which she loves. I was able to release the anxiety and stress from her understandable meltdown. It restored my mood. The fresh air and exercise helped her even sleep in this morning.


Worried that Emma is still a bit contagious, we are trying to stay away from kiddos today still. I know of many parks that are deserted during the school day hours. Guess where we are headed?




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  1. Courtney, this is a great post that I’m sure every Mom can relate to. Sunshine is Thinking of you and Emma today ❤️


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