Lead by Example

Saturday was a busy day from sun up to sun down for us. We got up early to meet up with friends to see the balloon launch as part of the Erie Town Fair. It’s pretty amazing to see the balloons so up close. Emma even got to touch a balloon. She said it felt squishy!  I think it is so cool to see Emma experience things for the first time and even cooler to experience things for the first time together. Here are a few pics from the launch.


The highlight for her was seeing the “Charlie Brown” balloon up close. It has become her favorite to see floating around the skies of Erie. She even wanted to make sure she wore her Snoopy sweatshirt to the launch. It was a bit chilly, so Snoopy is hidden by her vest!



After some downtime and breakfast, we headed to the fair. We rode our bikes down with AJ pulling Emma in the chariot. Whenever AJ and I go for a road or mountain bike ride, we always wear our helmets. We just had a quick jaunt to downtown on the bike path, so we weren’t going to put our helmets on. Before we took off, Emma called out from the Chariot that she wanted me to put on my helmet. “You need to stay safe, Mama,” she said. Whenever Emma rides her Strider or scooter, she has her helmet on! AJ and I grabbed our helmets and put them on.

Her point brought up the idea of leading by example. Children learn at school, but they also learn at home. If we don’t wear our helmets, how do we continue to teach the importance of wearing one to Emma? How do we expect her to wear one, if we don’t? That had me thinking on my trail run yesterday that there are many things I can do better by example around Emma. I can be more patient while driving, at the store if there is a line etc. Emma isn’t the best at having to wait her turn when she wants to do something. Could I do a better job of showing her patience? Teachable and learnable moments are all around us.

Emma had a blast doing the bungie for the first time, riding the very first pony she ever rode called Blue Eyes again and dancing under the full moon with friends. Erie is really a great town!


I’m writing up a few more pieces for REI and Adventure Projects on camping with kids and Strider Bikes. It makes me happy to be able to continue to experience the world through Emma’s eyes and write about it.

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