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I’ve seen many stories and read many posts and comments about helicopter parenting lately. The woman who had DPS called on her because she left her kids unattended in her backyard with a high fence while God for bid she had to pee. The women who wrote the permission letter for her children to climb trees. We get the worry texts and the Oh my goodnesses from family in person. And we have gotten some looks while at the park and other places. But, I’ve had many people reach out and tell me that they love the way we are raising Emma.

Yes, Emma’s arm is covered in road rash from falling off her Strider onto the dirt. Her legs are covered in some bruises from the climbing wall. There is a reason why we decided to put her into class at Little Gym at only six months and not even crawling yet. This is who she is. She was a mover in my tummy and came out a mover as well. If she doesn’t get something the first time, she gets up and tries it till she does.

We let her take risks. But, we still do have boundaries (probably stretched more than other’s boundaries). We are right there when she goes over the rocks on her bike. She doesn’t try anything she doesn’t want to. She seeks out adventure, and we are there to be her biggest sidekicks.

This article I read on Scary Mommy called “Let Them Bleed”  by Heidi Chandler does a great job of explaining AJ’s and my parenting style. I realize that this parenting style isn’t for everyone, and it won’t work for every kid. But, I am thankful to those who have supported our choices, given us a thumbs up and cheered Emma on.

As you celebrate Memorial Day, please keep in mind all those who have fought for our rights and freedom to parent the way we feel works best for our children. I am grateful for them.

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  1. This is a great post Courtney! I think it raises some interesting points. Dutch is a lot like Emma, he is an adventurer and a mover. I have had to work hard at letting go. At least once a day I have a gasp moment, where he scares the daylights out of me. But I try not to overreact. Try. It’s a work in progress. Sometimes our children’s temperaments don’t match our own and it can be challenging.


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