Did I Do My Best Today?

Parenting is all about perspective. Before Emma’s quiet time yesterday, we were butting heads. She was whiny, not listening and having a crying fit. She was playing in the mud when I asked her not to, and eventually she fell in it taking me down into the mud in the process too. After not getting through to her, I yelled at her. I think my serious tone was needed for her to truly understand that I wasn’t happy with her. It made her cry even more. Afterward, I felt guilty for doing so. But it is a guilt I have to let go of to have perspective. I don’t yell at her like that everyday. And some days I have it and some days I don’t. That can mean anything from patience to the gusto to take her to the pool rather than just letting her play in the backyard for the afternoon. At the end of the day, can I say I did my best on that day? If so, that is all Emma can ask for.

We made a list of very doable summer activities we want to do before preschool starts in mid August. I look forward to checking the items off as we tackle all the fun. We also began packing up Emma’s camp bin filled with fun things to do at the campsite Saturday night.

Our summer calendar is getting filled up with trips to see the grandparents, Strider races, playdates and birthday parties, potential camping trips and races. I hope this means Emma begins to go back to napping more.

Here we are enjoying some S’Mores with our neighbors on the fire pit. I’m sure we will be doing that quite often this summer!


Next Wednesday, when dance ends, signals the end of the era where Emma and I will no longer have any mommy and me classes. I’m not sure how I feel about that. In one way, I am happy to see her grow independent. But, I have also been doing some form of mommy and me class with her since she was four months old. Today, she has drop off climbing class for the first time. I plan to stay in the building and get work done, so I won’t be too far away. I guess once again it is about perspective. She’s still my little girl and even when she’s an adult, she will still need me!

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