What’s the Rush?

I’ve heard it said many times to enjoy my time with Emma as in a blink of an eye she will be all grown up. No doubt that is true as we had our last ever mommy and me class today. I’ve been doing mommy and me classes with Emma since she was four months old. It has been a blessing to have that time with her even it meant having to do flash quick steps (aka burpees) and singing the same songs over and over that would typically get stuck in my head.


Emma and her teacher Ms. Megan.

With it being our last summer before Emma starts school, life is moving at a slower pace. Yes, we still have a planned calendar. But those times we don’t have to be some place or no agenda, we are letting the time pass slowly by like the clouds.

I’ve noticed when we are outside in nature from the backyard to the mountain trails, I feel much less rushed and much less stressed. In the backyard, I don’t see the stack of bills to be paid, the dishes in the sink and the piles of wet towels and swimsuits from swim lessons and the pool. I think that might be why I enjoy that time so much with her and why our calendar is filled with outdoor time.

DSC_9422 copy

We are starting to check things off our summer bucket list.Since Emma likes to be outside from sun up (wake up) to sun down (bed time), we aren’t having trouble fulfilling them.


My latest article for ironman.com about athlete Joshua Izumigawa is online now. Josh races for the CTF- Children’s Tumor Foundation. I am wrapping up an article on Strider Bikes for REI this week and also putting the finishing touches on my list of kid friendly singletrack trails around the U.S.

Hope your summer is off to a fantastic start!

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