It’s amazing how much you learn when you become a parent. It goes beyond how to change a diaper and telling if your kiddo has a fever by feeling their forehead.

Emma has taught me so many things since she arrived almost three years ago. She has taught me what is important in life. She has taught me the significance of small moments. Most of all, she has taught me to be brave and have more confidence. I have never been a fan of flying. I’m not that bad that I have to have a few drinks to get on a plane, but turbulence and drops in air pressure really make me sweat in my seat. We had a small bit of bumps on our flight Tuesday coming to visit AJ’s parents. I typically grab my arm rest when it starts. I looked at Emma and she was as cool as a cucumber just enjoying some coloring. Instead of stressing, I continued to read my magazine.

The list goes on…..Going over the rocks on her Strider bike is no big deal. Getting up that big wall at climbing class- no problem! If she doesn’t succeed at something, she just tries again. Her sense of perseverance is truly amazing. I hope she continues to possess these qualities through out her life, so she can achieve anything she wants to.

The biggest thing she has given me is the courage to put our story of loss out to the world. To break down the wall was very difficult for me. The idea of putting myself out there in such a vulnerable place kept me up at night. But, I was able to look beyond that in hopes of helping someone feel less alone navigating a miscarriage.

Our trip to North Carolina has been so much fun. Emma is so loving spending time with her cousins. With the number of people, we split the sleeping situation into two places- AJ’s parents house and his aunt’s place down the road. When Emma’s cousins left last night, she cried. When she got up this morning, she immediately asked where her cousins were. The older she gets, the harder it is not having family close by.

Dress up time with Aly and Will


We have beach days, celebrating Emma’s birthday and plenty of more fun on tap. Small moments create the best memories.

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