Small Motivators

I’ve been back to running for a few months now. It’s the most I have run consistently in over eight years now. I’ve always had a problem with consistency when it came to working out. Yesterday, I hit the trail after AJ got home from work. It was hot. I was tired from traveling, and my legs felt dead. AJ and Emma met me out on the trails, and I did half a loop with Emma chasing me on her Strider. After that, they headed home to make dinner. It was great to see my two biggest fans on the trail. As we headed opposite directions, Emma said “Enjoy your run, Mama!” I wanted to head home too, but I kept running. Her little sentiment gave me the extra push I needed. IMG_6249And I also found one of her Curious George fruit snacks she must have dropped on the trail too. It made me smile and helped me put a little pep in my step!

Small motivators are all around us. Whether it’s to push us to keep running or to help us turn our mood around, keep your eyes open! A fruit snack, good news from a friend, a smile from a stranger- they all can be that small motivation we need!

I’ve been overwhelmed with the comments, texts etc. I have received since sharing our story of loss from friends, family, acquaintances and strangers. It seems my story has helped some women currently going through loss at the moment, and that makes it all worth it. An old friend who I have grown distant from reached out and we are reconnecting. Seeing some light come out of all this has been helpful in healing!

Emma is at dance camp afternoons this week, so I plan to get as much writing done as I can. I’m hoping to hear back about edits I may need to make and some story pitches I sent out before we head to Lake Geneva for the 4th.

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