Dang Mozzies

I do find it fun when I get the opportunity to use words that AJ and I picked up during our many adventures outside the U.S. I’ve been down for the count for almost a week now with symptoms of West Nile. It’s beyond the worst flu I’ve had with headaches, muscle aches and feelings of exhaustion. And I’m struggling to rest and not be up doing things. Most of all I can’t run, and I miss it. PSA- don’t forget to put on bug spray!

After many weeks of travel, coming down with West Nile wasn’t my ideal. But life doesn’t work with ideals. Even despite feeling lousy, I started my 40 acts of kindness leading up to my birthday. I’m trying to find a place to donate a backpack of school supplies for a kiddo. While in a drive through this morning, I heard the lady behind me being kind of rude to the drive through cashier about why the line was taking so long. I decided to pay for her drink in hopes it turns her day around.

We have a great local coffee place within walking distance of the house. I went in and bought two gift cards to pass along to two other fellow coffee lovers while also being able to support a local business. I plan to put the gift cards on two people’s windshields on Friday with a note saying that hopefully when September 9th rolls around, they will think of the nice gesture and pay it forward somehow to someone else.

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Some of my acts will be completely unplanned like the lady in the drive through, but some will take more planning. I think that is part of the fun of it all! Emma got a kick out of paying for the lady’s drink, and I plan to involve her in as many acts as possible. For those of you who missed my turning 40 bucket list post, click here.

A friend does a post called Feel Good Friday on Facebook. I’m not the best at participating, but I always spend a minute or two reading what others have to say. It puts me in a better mood even if I don’t know many of the people posting. I thought I would add a little piece to each blog post about what I am most grateful for at the time.

Right now, I am grateful for AJ who has been taking Emma out of the house to the pool etc when he can to let me rest. He also has been up past 11 pm working on the finishing touches of Emma’s climbing wall. Putting in a french drain wasn’t part of the plan, but he didn’t complain and just set his mind to getting it done.

Trying to find some good in the not so great, I am thankful that having West Nile has given me the opportunity to slow down this week. It’s making me really think about re-evaluating things for the fall in terms of activities, play dates etc. on top of preschool.

And I am thankful for a conversation I had with my dad that was much needed. I don’t go to him about many things. What he said was just what I needed to hear, and it is a conversation that I will remember always!

Our adventures are a bit on hiatus now while I get better, but Emma is racing a Strider race this weekend at Valmont Bike Park. I look forward to seeing her smile and cheer on her friends that happen to be racing too. Smile- it’s hump day!

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  1. I am so so sorry that you are still sick! i really hope you get better soon. Being sick with a toddler is so hard.

    I LOVE your 40 acts of kindness plan! LOVE it! It is so great to show Emma and such a wonderful way to spread joy in others lives and your own. You are an inspiration!


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