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Yesterday was one year to the day that I had my second miscarriage. Reflecting on that and the tragedy in Nice, I feel that this Maya Angelo quote is so appropriate.


I’m still feeling pretty awful from West Nile. There is no set timeline on when I will feel better. It could be tomorrow; it could be another month. I think that is what is most frustrating about it. My running shoes will continue to collect dust. I’ll continue to look optimistically at the fun things we have on the calendar to get me through these days. My writing is taking a hiatus right now as I look for new writing opportunities and try to muster the energy to think about new story pitches. We are going to adventure out this evening to the neighborhood block party in downtown Erie. I’m not sure how long I will last, but it will be good to be social again.

I’m keeping at it with my 40 deeds. Emma helped me fill a backpack with school supplies. IMG_6463We brought it by a local women’s house, so she can bring it to her church for their backpack drive this weekend. I had quite a pile of school supplies at the check out line. A guy walked up behind me with only one item. I told him he could check out in front of me. He thanked me then and thanked me when he walked out the door. Only 35 more deeds to go!

Here is what I am thankful for in this post:

I am thankful that I can still sing Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” to Emma and have faith that despite the violence that continues in the world, it is is still a wonderful place.

After seeing the true cost of school supplies, I am thankful that we have the means to buy supplies for Emma. We are blessed that we haven’t truly struggled to pay for things in life especially the necessities.

Last night I got one of the best nights sleeps in a long time. Since those days of being pregnant with Emma, I’ve never slept through the night typically waking up multiple times. Even now I typically wake up several times. Last night I slept straight through! This morning I am grateful for that!

And to are men and women in uniform from the police to the military, thank you for risking your lives day in and day out to keep my family safe!

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