“Couple Minutes”

Emma isn’t much for running errands anymore. As she puts it, “Errands are boring!” In an effort to keep her from having to go with me on a few errands (and some sanity to try on jeans without her), I planned to leave a bit before her bedtime the other night to get them done.

As I was getting ready to leave, she asked me to snuggle “couple minutes” with her and watch some Mickey. I was in a mood to get things done since I haven’t been doing much of anything as of late. Looking at the clock and thinking ugh in my head a bit, I obliged as I won’t get this time with her back. I know she will always be a busy body, but the moments where she sits still are few and far between. The moments when she wants me to snuggle her are fleeting. A “couple minutes” became almost half an hour as she asked to go to bed early just so I could sing to her, tell her a secret and kiss her goodnight.

Finally out the door, I began with my quickest errand first and came out to see a double rainbow from the parking lot. Had I not snuggled with Emma, I would have missed the beauty of that double rainbow. Emma and I had been searching for rainbows for the past few days with the rain and sun we have had. Seeing it made me smile. Consequently, the next morning Emma said she saw a rainbow from her window that night.

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This summer is flying by! Emma turns three in a week. Back to school shopping lists are out, and stores are beginning to display fall weather clothing. Emma starts preschool in mid August. I remember thinking that when I turned her initial paperwork that early January day that we had so much time still. But, here I am now signing her up for fall climbing and turning her paperwork in for dance in the fall. Her Pottery Barn backpack came in the mail on Monday (I was pre-warned to order early as styles sell out quickly).

I have 30 good deeds left and a little over a month to complete them. If I could only start to feel better, so Emma and I can get a jump on them. We went for a walk the other day with a bag and picked up trash (she pointed it out and I picked it up).

I’m still not feeling that great, and it’s beginning to take a mental toll on me. I miss running. A walk around the block leaves me feeling sore and tired. Simple errands are like torture. It’s also beginning to interfere in future plans we had. But, it has also made for some QT with Emma just us one on one.

Things I am thankful for:

With being sick, my mind is actually not cluttered with ideas of what I need to do, should be doing or want to do. I am able to be more present with Emma instead of having my mind wonder.

For living in such a great neighborhood- A few weeks ago a neighbor had us over for a summer party. Emma can go right out into the backyard or out the front door and usually find a friend to play with. We all actually know who are neighbors are for the most part. It’s good to know I can count on them if need them!









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