Emma’s Bucket List for 3

Emma turns three tomorrow. I thought it might be fun to ask her what is on her list of things she wants to do while she is three.

  1. Play
  2. Learn to ride a big girl bike
  3. Do some nice things for strangers
  4. Go to school
  5. Eat pancakes for breakfast every morning
  6. Learn to read
  7. Go back to Disneyland
  8. Climb
  9. Meet Darth Vader
  10. Go to Europe
  11. Ride a chairlift and ski down a big hill
  12. Visit the family
  13. Learn to step/jump over objects on a horse
  14. Make new friends

After a storm last week we went out to jump in puddles and see the Blackeyed Susans. DSC00448.JPG

Posting Gratitude:

I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that came to celebrate Emma’s birthday with us. Without having family near, our friends are our family! It was so fun to see many of her friends climbing for the first time! And to her favorite climbing teacher Gordy for coming to her party!


And she loved her presents from her first Camelbak for hiking to Monsters Inc. and Star Wars crayons and a large Star Wars coloring book.


I am thankful that the things Emma wants to do when she is three shows that her life is filled with love, curiosity and freedom. She doesn’t know what it is like to not have food, a place to live etc. For that, I am so very grateful!

I’m slowly starting to feel better and with that I am focusing on writing again. Weekly, I am pitching away. Let’s hope it turns into some assignments soon!

The revamp of adventure projects is complete. Look soon for my articles on balance bikes, great parent approved mountain bike trails and tips for hiking and camping with little ones.

Adventure On,




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