And Then She Was Three

One of my favorite things to do is to listen to Emma talking in her bed in the morning when she first wakes up. Her imagination runs wild, and she is carefree. This past week has been especially cute as I have caught her singing “Happy Birthday” to herself or one of her friends that also has a birthday around now.

We headed to Valmont Bike Park to give Emma her big kid bike on her birthday on Friday! It’s a tougher adjustment for Emma to go from balance bike to pedal bike. Emma hasn’t quite grasped the idea of pedaling. I’m sure she will get it soon, and then she will never stop!

We had a small informal dinner for Emma’s birthday- a “girls night” with some of our neighborhood friends. Much like how I grew up, we are so blessed to have wonderful neighbors and Emma has out the door playmates too!

We finished her birthday searching for night animals on a walk around the neighborhood. We saw plenty of bugs- ants and beetles. We also saw a grasshopper, bunny and plenty of lightening.


For the past few weekends, and a few of the ones coming up, most of our adventures have been having fun swimming, painting and climbing at all the birthday parties. I wouldn’t have it any other way knowing that Emma has so many great friends, and I have a tribe of friends I can count on no matter what.

I went running for the first time in almost a month yesterday morning. Even though it hurt like no other, it was the mental part that was hardest for me. I had just began to run consistently for the first time in years before I got West Nile. I was training with a few races in mind too. The endurance and strength that came with the consistent running for months went away faster than it developed. I’m determined to get back to where I was one step at a time!

Posting Gratitude:

This post I am grateful for where we live. We have a great neighborhood with friendly people and lots of little ones. We are within walking distance of a park, library and recreation center. Great coffee, ice cream, cider and yummy things to eat are a bike ride away. We have access to trails to run and ride close by. We are still surrounded by views of farmers fields and the Flatirons (at least for now).

That I am able to run again no matter if it’s at a snail’s pace. I’m going to go again in the morning and am optimistic that it will go better.

That I’ve been able to stay home with Emma for the first three years of her life. It’s been an incredible gift, and I’ve really been reflecting on it with her starting school two weeks from tomorrow.

We are going to enjoy our last few weeks to the fullest and try to complete the bucket list. Fall is on the horizon, and I look forward to all that it brings!


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