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Taking a month off from running, I slowly was beginning to forget how cleansing dirt and sweat can be. After a trail run Saturday morning, I was reminded how much a release running is for me from the stressors of everyday life to the pain of loss. I ended up having a good cry post run in both happiness and sadness.

I just recently found out another friend is moving away. She isn’t moving out of the state, but it still is hard. In the past years, I’ve had several friends move away that were very important in my life. It’s the time together, the face to face interaction, the texting, the little things like bringing over a meal or coffee and going out of the way to make you feel important. Those are the things that I really miss.

The older I get, the harder it has been to meet true friends. Having Emma made it easier to meet new friends, and I feel blessed to have many great people in my life. This weekend was wonderful because I spent time with people I consider true friends.

I’ve always been a giver. Sometimes it is big things and sometimes it’s just noticing something like a sale on something someone might have mentioned they were looking for. I take after my oldest sister Laurie in that way. Often, the actions aren’t reciprocated and lately I have been struggling with this. It was one of the things that wore on Laurie as she fought her addictions. I try to remind myself that I am the bigger person for still reaching out. That as much as it hurts that I need to still be the person I am. I won’t always get along with everyone. Not everyone will want to be my friend even if I try. But for some reason, it still hurts. And for some reason, I struggle with it and always have.

We had a little tease of fall weather for a couple days this week. It even feels cooler running in the morning. It had me wanting to go downstairs and grab all the fall decor. It had me dreaming of cold fresh apple cider. And it had Emma and I beginning to come up with a fall bucket list!

It’s hard to not get behind the excitement of the Olympics. Although any chance I ever had of making the Olympics is WAY behind me, it’s hard not to . It’s helped my creative juices flowing again. It’s made me want to get out and run, hike, ride a bike- anything to be moving. We went for a nice hike at White Rocks on Thursday afternoon during the fall like weather.

Emma said she wants to be an Olympian. Cycling, equestrian, steeplechase, sport climbing- who knows what she will choose. That is what is so amazing about Olympians. So many athletes head to the Olympics in a sport they didn’t grow up participating in. The sky’s the limit Sunshine. Dream Big.. Mama and Dada are always here to support you no matter where your dreams take you!


This weekend we celebrated Desmond’s birthday and went to Leftapalooza in Longmont with friends. On Sunday, we had a great time running with Emma and friends at the Mountain Goat Kids trail race at White Ranch in Golden. We finished the weekend watching some amazing swim and gymnastics coverage.

The heat is back this last week of summer before school starts. Emma has dance camp three days this week. We are heading up to Frisco this coming weekend. I am going to start the Frisco 10K that I signed up for way back in June before I got West Nile. We are going to get in one last night camping,and Emma is going to do a Strider race at Keystone!

I’m wrapping up an article for ironman.com on an athlete named Jessica Baxter. Her goal is to raise $40,000 for the Women of Tri campaign to introduce more women to the sport and help fund collegiate scholarships for female student athletes.

Grateful postings:

That AJ has a good paying job that allows me to stay home with Emma and to continue my writing.

For Emma’s personality- fearless, tenacious, kind hearted, spirited, loving, stubborn, happy, energetic…. I wouldn’t change a thing about her. She has such a zest for life making the most of even a long car ride.

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