To Finish, You Have to Start

I woke up early this Monday morning needing a vacation from our mini vacation up to the mountains. We fit in so much in one weekend. Emma hit the Frisco Adventure Park with AJ on her Strider and raced a Strider race with her friends Tate and Leo in Keystone. We camped at Peak One Campground Saturday night. Emma and I set up camp together while AJ enjoyed a long mountain bike ride. We enjoyed a walk at the Frisco Marina along with some appetizers and a roof top drink. Emma and I did a little shopping at the Outlets, and she enjoyed her Adventure Pass at Keystone climbing, bouncing and mining for cool rocks. I even ran into two high school classmates at the Adventure Park and their kiddos while they were enjoying a westward swing. It was great seeing you Sarah and Chris! Safe travels back to Wisconsin!

The weekend started when I did a slow but beautiful 10k trail race starting at the Frisco Nordic Center. From the beginning I knew it was going to be a tough go. My legs felt heavy, and I didn’t have the pre-race adrenalin. One month off of running with West Nile and the toll of this past year weighed on me. So, I took it in stride. I stopped to look at the water and mountains and cried a good cry. I talked with people along the way as we huffed up the hills. Feeling the way I did, I knew this wasn’t a race to be competitive… It was a race to remind me that I am still alive and that I have much to be thankful for despite what life has thrown my way as of late. 

Emma and AJ played tag, read books and went on a hike while I ran. When I rounded the corner and went up the hill towards the finish and saw Emma and AJ there, I was elated. I got a high five and hug from Emma and grabbed her hand and ran to the finish with her. The struggles of this past year have also affected her. We both deserved to cross that finish line! As a family, we needed a few days like this where we were so focused on what we have and not what we lost or don’t have.

Today we are meeting up with her Twinkle Baby friends before they all head off to preschool in the next few weeks. This was the first group of moms I met through a free class at the library when Emma was just over four months. We have all been there through the triumphs and the tough parts of being a parent together. From crawling, walking, talking and running to teething, sickness, potty training and tantrums, we celebrated and held each other up when we needed it too.

I can’t believe tomorrow we will bring Emma to orientation for preschool. I had a hard time keeping it together when we walked to her school last Friday for a popsicle social. It’s been her and I together everyday for the past three years. It’s been a blessing, but I am also ready to see her spread her wings a bit and soar.

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