Reflecting on 40

It’s been quite the ride the first forty years of my life. I’ve lived in four states- Illinois, Iowa, Colorado and California. I married my best friend and have had three wonderful years of being a mama to Emma.

I’ve seen the country I live in unite, so that good wins over evil. I’ve lost some of the most dear people in my life including my sister Laurie and one of my best friends Nicholas. I’ve seen family triumph over cancer, fought my own demons and have seen friends triumph over hardships of their own.

Growing up basically a child of the 80’s, I survived parachute pants, wearing glasses, overdone perms, big bangs and braces. I watched Halley’s Comet from a telescope while camping with my dad. I survived some (major at the time) breakups. I’ve cut down my own Christmas tree, ran a marathon, hugged Mickey Mouse and been scared to my whits end walking through a haunted house.

I earned a bachelors and masters degree. I have influenced children in a positive way in my days as a before and after school leader, paraprofessional and teacher. I’ve got to see my work published in magazines around the world. I picked up and moved over 1,000 miles away to start a digital triathlon magazine from the ground up with my husband AJ. I have helped friends and strangers through the grief process of miscarriage by sharing my story.


I have kayaked the Na Pali Coast and fed a wallaby in Australia. I had a beer at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich and collected sea glass on the Amalfi Coast. I’ve seen the most beautiful sunsets from the terraces in Ixtapa, Mexico. I got to live out a childhood dream by skating at Rockefeller Center.

I’ve seen the Blackhawks play in the Stanley Cup finals, the Bears lose to the Colts in the Super Bowl in Miami. I’ve seen my favorite band U2 in concert over 12 times.


I met some famous people on the way including Joe Montana, Michael Richards aka Kramer, Chuck D from Public Enemy and One Republic.

My strength has been tested. I’ve had true friends stick by me through the good and bad. I’ve failed, dusted myself off and tried again. I’ve pulled myself up from the lowest of lows. I’ve triumphed. I’ve seen what a wonderful world it can be!

Goodbye 30’s and hello 40’s. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.

Adventure On,


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