Do You Think You Will Really Feel Any Different?

I have to be honest, I was not feeling the turning 40 thing. AJ knew I wasn’t happy about it, but he tried his best to remind me it isn’t that bad. One day he asked, “Do you think you will really feel any different,” referring to when I wake up the morning of my birthday. I got up early that morning to do a sunrise trail run, and sure enough I didn’t feel any different. I’m trying to remember age is just a number. It is up to me whether I subscribe to that number or not.

Here I am putting that into perspective playing a bit of tag with Emma.


My mom flew in to visit for my birthday on Wednesday. At first, it was supposed to be a surprise. But, AJ knew I needed some cheering up especially during my “homesick” time of year. We took Emma to dance and then sat and talked at a coffee place near the dance studio. It was wonderful! I can’t remember the last time I just sat uninterrupted and talked with my mom like that.

Thursday Emma went to school and my mom and I ran some errands. After lunch and a quick nap for Emma, we went to Home Depot. From the beginning of September to Christmas is the easiest time to take Emma to home improvement stores. She loves the “spooky stuff”, blow ups and lights. We can use it as leverage to stay in the cart and behave.

We were looking at new tile for around the fire place. We didn’t get to choose anything when we moved into our house because it was basically already built. We found some we like, so it looks like we have our next home DIY project. We finished the night with a yummy dinner and ice cream from Lucky Pie and Sweet Cow.

Friday was pretty normal. AJ went to work.  I enjoyed a nice coffee date with a friend with Emma and my mom in tow. We then went to watch Emma ride Rosie. She is now walking over double rails with her, and she should be jumping a bit by winter.

In the afternoon I was told to just follow AJ’s directions. We were told to leave the house by 4 and he would meet us at Old Mine. All the while my mom was planting the seed (fake) that her stomach was upset all day. AJ met us at Old Mine. After a cider, we headed home to grab Tums for my mom before I thought we were going to dinner. When I walked in the house, I got a huge surprise. AJ planned a “Happy Fall” party for me as he knew I didn’t want a birthday party. Sunflowers, an apple spice cake, apple cider to drink, fall beer… It all coincided with fall.

After a tough year, it was so nice to see so many friends there to celebrate my favorite season. AJ’s speech was beautiful and had many in tears, me included.

A special thanks to my neighbor, but more than anything good friend, Colby for taking photos for us. She’s an amazing newborn, wedding and family portrait photographer. See her work here:

AJ turns 40 in a couple months. I better get on how I’m going to surprise him!

Thanks everyone for all the texts, phone calls, cards, messages, Facebook greetings etc. on my birthday. You made me feel so loved!

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