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It finally feels like fall is upon us with the cooler temps and spots of leaves changing. I know my family has fall on the brain between the way we dress to the activities we are doing.

On Sunday, I went for a trail run in the early morning. Then, I took Emma on a leaf hike/run/stride at Teller Farms while AJ went on a long ride with a friend. I can’t believe it was 15 years since Sept 11th last Sunday. It is a day anyone alive and old enough to remember has in their memory from where they were when they first heard about it to the images of the days after. I was in Kauai, Hawaii on a guided trip with strangers about to enter the water to kayak when a man with a radio on the beach told us what happened. We were staying pretty remotely camping on the beach. With no T.V. access and no newspapers coming in since they closed the ports, I didn’t see most of the images until I returned home. We felt very isolated, but we did attend a prayer service that night at a small local church.

I feel the best way to honor those who innocently lost their lives that day is to really enjoy life and count your blessings on that day and everyday. I know I struggle with this from time to time, but as of late I have tried to be much more conscious of this.

This week I got to see things from a different side (a new perspective) volunteering as a parent for Emma’s field trip to the bank and at the Jogathon. It was strange being on the opposite side of an educator. I wasn’t sure how much I should intervene with Emma as I didn’t want to step on toes. It was great to be able to be there and serves as another reminder how lucky I am to have this time with her.

On Thursday afternoon, we went apple picking and had a picnic dinner at YA YA’s Orchard in Longmont with our friends and neighbors the Poppletons. Most of the apple picking in Colorado is down south, so Ya Ya’s is a popular place. You have to request a picking date in January and then there is no guarantee. Last year, we missed out as their was a late frost killing off most of the apples.

I went all out checking out Pinterest for fall picnic ideas etc. Emma got to pick apples and drink cider- two of the things on her fall bucket list. Making apple butter is also on her list and is one of things we will be making with all these apples.

The kiddos had a blast jumping off the pick up truck, sorting through wormy and not wormy apples, petting the dogs and playing at the park during our picnic.

This weekend, AJ is racing cyclocross at Valmont Bike Park on Saturday. This gives us some time to hit the pump tracks while we are there. We have Emma’s bike class at Bike Village on Sunday morning and then a hike with some friends in Boulder afterward.

My first two printables are available for free download from Pinterest now. The photos featured are mine! I’m hoping to make a few more for the fall in the next couple weeks with photos from YA YA’s and other fall adventures!

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