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I loved the feedback I received from my minimalist post. It’s comforting to know that people feel the same way, but I also hate that we have got ourselves to the point that stuff is taking over our lives- that we are allowing stuff to control our lives.

I wish I could write and say that I have made progress by leaps and bounds but alas that isn’t true. To be honest, my push for minimalism has made minimal progress so far. I find myself having a hard time completing any one category. I begin a category and then get wrapped up in another one (or in other things I need/want to get done like working on my bullet journal). My best work comes when I get agro about something and just basically say screw it and get ruthless with things. I am thinking I need to pick a few hours and get a babysitter, so I can focus on the biggest problem areas of the home and attack those.

This week, I had great hopes of spending 1/2 of Emma’s time while she was at preschool on Thursday purging and half on pitching for writing assignments. Instead, I got a snow day and a very needy Emma who wanted to snuggle, snuggle and snuggle. I thought Emma had climbing class on Tuesday. We drove to Boulder only to find they were off one more week. There went a whole hour of working on 2017 goals and reading posts with others tips about working towards minimalism.

Yesterday, I decided to get creative to make some progress. Emma loves taking baths, and she will spend a fair amount of time in the tub. I let her take a bath in our big bathroom tub. It allowed me to go through the cabinets under the sink and make headway on my closet because it is attached to our bathroom.

Purging the cabinets while Emma plays in the tub

I’m using parts of the KonMari method but not all. There are a few checklists on Pinterest I found helpful that you can find under my Minimalism folder.

After purging my socks, I realized how much it annoys me that my workout socks get mixed with my regular socks.

Homemade drawer dividers

I don’t feel the need to go buy expensive drawer organizers at the Container Store to solve this problem. I found this great idea via a Google search using up fabric scraps sitting in my sewing table drawers and cardboard boxes I have.

Don’t get me wrong, our house isn’t jammed packed with stuff. Things aren’t falling out of the closets. We have space, but it still is cluttered enough that my races and gets distracted with things. I don’t consider myself a pack rat or a hoarder, but when I was doing any purging/ “spring cleaning” before, I was just scratching the surface, just like I like this women’s mindset.

Not all things need to be donated, recycled or thrown away. I try to sell as many things as I can. This article from is great for tips on how to make money as you purge. Find a space dedicated to piling up donations and what to sell (for me it is the landing on the basement steps). It may be annoying that it will look like a war zone for awhile, but it will be worth it in the end!

Wrapping up this week and even thinking about how it is going to be going through Emma’s toys, books etc. has me relating to this Scary Mommy article.

First week take aways:

  1. Get rid of the guilt- the mom guilt, the child guilt, the it was a present guilt….. I don’t feel guilty that my daughter is watching the upteenth episode of Peppa on the iPad because I was able to purge our craft bins.
    Combined my craft supplies with Emma’s, so we only have one set of craft bins.

    I don’t feel guilty that I only saved two of the million (OK maybe more like twenty) holiday crafts Emma made between home, school and art class. Yes, that sweater for my dear to me stuffed bear was hand knit by my mother, but he has four other sweaters. Frankly, changing Beary Bear’s clothing is also the last thing on my agenda! You may lose some QT with family while going through your stuff, but think about the QT you loose already picking/cleaning up all the stuff already.

  2. Good music and some margaritas (or other drink of choice) go a long way!

3. I’m more productive if I get up earlier in the morning and start working through the checklist.

4. Joining a minimalist/ KonMari group has been a great motivator. One of the ladies in one my binders writing groups on Facebook also started a group on Facebook about living the minimalism way. It’s been a good motivator. Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest, and this group has helped me take the LEAP. (Leap is my 2017 word of the year in my bullet journal!)

Stay tuned for a blog post about bullet journals and about my second week of finding joy in my things coming soon!

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