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Love this TED talk from Adam Baker…… This is my focus this week as I look at the piles on our basement landing of things to sell and donate. I made a pick up date and had the Vietnam Veterans pick up numerous boxes this week.

Let’s face it…. the idea of selling everything and traveling the world sounds amazing to many me included. But, it’s not reality and not conceivable for the majority of the population. That’s not to say that you can’t live minimally and spend money on moments and not things.

Adam Baker keeps it real and keeps it at a place where anyone can succeed by following what he has to say. I want my identity to not be based on my stuff but based on my experiences. That’s where I am headed. I want to do what I love!


What I learned in week 4:

  • Having a friend come over and destroy the playroom with your little one is actually a blessing. As Emma spent the morning after cleaning up, she mentioned that she had too much stuff and doesn’t want to have to clean it all up anymore. Jackpot…… We purged as she cleaned and were able to get rid of another box full of toys etc.
  • When having to purge a difficult personal area, wait till you have the right mindset. When having to purge a difficult thing for your kiddo like stuffed animals, wait for your child to have the right mindset. I knew Emma’s stuffed animals would be a source of contention, so I had her go through them after she cleaned out the playroom and was in the get rid of them as I’m sick of cleaning them up mindset.
  • Go back over the heavy hitters (playroom, closet etc.) again. After it’s been a week or so, go back over those areas and see if you can find anymore things to repurpose, sell, donate or as a last resort throw away. I was able to find another twelve pieces of clothes to donate when I went through my closet two weeks later. We got another box to donate from the playroom by revisiting it.


We are spending the weekend at home soaking up the nice weather. We are planning to do a little backcountry ski romp near Brainard Lake on Sunday.

I’ve sent off more pitches to new and old outlets just waiting for an assignment or two. Fingers crossed that I get assigned something soon!

Adventure On,



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  1. I totally agree. Experiences are worth so much more than material items!!!

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