Week 5 Update

I love these two quotes and kept them in mind on this week’s journey.

“You are not a tree. You can move somewhere new in your life.” Unknown

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” Marie Kondo

I didn’t feel so great this past weekend, so it was a wash. Feeling more pep, I woke up Monday morning and tackled the fridge and freezer knowing the trash and recycling was coming on Tuesday.

I put off the junk drawer in the kitchen too, but I was on a roll and tackled it. I’m hoping the little cardboard bins I made out of a cardboard box from the basement and fabric scraps will help keep it better organized.


I also began to tackle the largest project this week…. the basement. It’s definitely going to take a few weeks to tackle. The biggest trouble with the basement beyond the amount of stuff down there is the amount of sentimental items down there.

                         I began with going through my personal bins first.

I’ve contributed to quite a few magazines over the years. Sadly, some of these magazines no longer exist (not my fault).

I have a bin filled with almost every newspaper and print magazine article I have ever written. It was overflowing and didn’t close. Being honest with myself, I don’t ever look at them. So, I decided to go through the bin and keep the articles/photo spreads I am most proud of. I also went through and got rid of the duplicate copies I had of any of the articles. It was encouraging to see how far I’ve come especially as I continue to focus on doing what I love.

I also went through my memory bin. I was able to condense two bins into one. I also condensed AJ’s two memory bins into one bin too. I also began to combine our holiday bins hoping to fit our fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving into one bin and Christmas into one too.

Emma and I decided it would be fun to join the MountainMomandTots.com monthly outdoor challenge. We just got our email with the February challenge. I’m excited to get started! Stay tuned for some photos of us completing the challenge!

Despite what Mr. Groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) had to say, it looks like some spring like weather in the upcoming forecast. The Boulder, CO version of Phil called Flatiron Freddy predicted an early spring. We like his forecast!

So, we are making summer plans already looking into when we are going to visit AJ’s parents on the coast of North Carolina/South Carolina and when to head back to see my family too. We booked our first camping weekend at the Sand Dunes in mid July before Emma’s big 4th birthday. It looks like a trip to Fruita in April is also in the works!

We are headed to Winter Park for a weekend of snowy fun today. We packed up the snowshoes for a backcountry romp while Emma skis. We have Emma’s downhill skis for a couple runs at WP, and our Nordic stuff to use our punch pass at Snow Mountain Ranch.

I continue to plug away with article pitches too. Since I am pitching to all new outlets, it’s definitely a learning process as I navigate the different requests and requirements. It’s a new month, and I am looking forward with positivity!

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