Digging Deep

My motivation is being to ween as my journey towards minimalism continues. I definitely see positive changes already. I’ve been spending my time while Emma is at school and classes working out, reading, journaling and writing instead of shopping and returning things. I am more present when Emma and I snuggle or play because my mind isn’t on my to do list.

I don’t look around and see as many dishes or piles to pick up. We have been really on top of Emma about cleaning her toys up, putting her dishes in the sink and putting her shoes and jacket by the closet door.

But, my energy to go through the stuff in my home is fading. I did manage to finish going through the fall holiday bins this week. Knowing my struggle, however, I turned to working on more mental things this week.


I read an article by SMACK! Media founder Elisette Carlson about not looking at your phone for the first thirty minutes after you wake up. I used to be good about waking up before Emma and getting things done. But since she has been waking up during the night, I haven’t been getting up before her. So, I’ve tried this trick for the past few days, and I have noticed a difference already!

I also started putting my phone in the bathroom when I head to bed. I never pick it up in the middle of the night unless it was to check the time. But, I found that it still made it easier to fall asleep. And, I am choosing to read a book instead of looking at social media that may or may not fire me up instead of helping me truly relax before lights out.

Another thing I tried was making the bed every morning. It does actually help mentally to set me up for a positive and productive day. Who knew?

Next week’s trip to Florida couldn’t come at a better time as I need a chance to step back, reflect and remember what this journey is all about. I have a feeling sometime away will do some good . Hopefully it will help me find the inner Santa in me to check my minimalism lists twice! I’m hoping making memories traveling will boost my motivation again.

My assignment drought is over as I begin to work on two assignments for ironman.com. I’m beginning research for a Colorado Parent assignment on unique places to sleep in Colorado. I’ve also applied to do some local content for a parent website and pitched a new outlet. I even attended a media event Wednesday night fueling my love once again for the outdoor industry and writing about a child’s roll within it.

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