Momentum City

Not sure what happened with my momentum this weekend, but it was in high gear making week 6 towards minimalism a productive one.

Maybe it was writing about the positive changes that I’ve seen. I’m taking back control of my life instead of letting stuff control it. Maybe, I want control of the basement too. Despite Emma still waking up one to two times a night, I even woke up three days this week before Emma was awake to work on this blog post, pitches and an article.

I read a statistic that about 50% of people make goals at the New Year. By February 15th, about half of those people have steered away from those goals. I may have times of weakness where I would rather sit on the couch and watch Lifetime. Sometimes I may even give in to those. But, I am not going to give up entirely because the things I want are important to me. I want to continue to do what I love. My journey there might hit bumps. I may not be doing things perfectly. But everyday, I try to do things to better myself and move in the right direction no matter how small it is.

Some of the things I did this week were going through Emma’s old clothes condensing them into three bins instead of six. I condensed blankets, bibs etc. into a smaller bin. I sorted through her cloth diapers and washed the sellable ones. AJ put some nails on the side of the storage shelves, so I could hang my wreath bags. Slowly, it looks like the storage area of our basement is under control.

Emma has been in a “big girl bed” as she calls it for over a year now. We are slowly beginning to change her room out. We worked on it a little this weekend switching out some pictures and picture frames, changing the fabric on her bulletin board and touching up some paint in her room. We bought a map of the world and plan to maybe paint one of the walls and some other small changes.

With Valentine’s Day being this past Tuesday, I focused on the theme of doing what I love especially on that day.I enjoyed time in the morning before anyone else was up writing, drinking coffee and paging through a magazine. I went for a trail run after dropping Emma off at school!

View from my run

We went to a Valentine’s Day breakfast at Emma’s school, and I was able to help at Emma’s Valentine’s Party. In the afternoon, I watched her happiness as she made her way up the walls at climbing class. AJ, Emma and I went to Old Mine for a cider and built away with the Jenga blocks before I went to Barre class. Emma is super into building right now!


I sent off my article for and am working on themed pitches for a couple outlets. It looks like I will be contributing regularly with Denver area coverage to an online parents website too (more details to follow soon).

I’m not sure how much writing I’ll be able to get done in Florida, so there probably won’t be a post until we get back! But, I’ll at least post some photos of what we are up to on Instagram/Facebook.

I’m looking forward to seeing Emma make more memories with her grandparents while we are in Florida. I can’t wait to get a few runs in on the beach (my fav) and catch a nice sunset or two.

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