Feeling Like a Writer Again

As I sit in the waiting area at my daughter’s make up swim class, I feel an enormous amount of content. I am in the middle of working on four (potentially five) assignments on top of blog posts. After a few months with no article assignments, I feel like a writer again. My heart is happy and full. I know that this is what I am supposed to do.


I spent some time writing at a local coffee place on Sunday!

I’m also starting to feel human again after Emma passed along her crud to me. I’ve been super tired and grumpy. My head and ears were pounding. I was dripping from my nose. It was down right miserable! Not to mention, I discovered that I can’t take Zyrtec after the doc recommended it to mitigate my symptoms. I was having all these weird symptoms a few hours after taking it ranging from aches and tiredness to chills and a increased heart rate. These happen to be on the list of stop taking the medicine if any of these things happen. Just letting it work its course now…

That said, my enthusiasm for the 40 bags challenge has taken a bit of a hiatus this week. I managed to get through Emma’s closet and our two spare upstairs closets. I took a bag full of this past fall and winter clothes along with now to small clothes to the basement. I also filled a small bag full of clothes she won’t wear enough to justify keeping, so that I can sell them. I moved her fall and winter 4t/5t clothes to her closet with the room I have from taking out the other clothes. I also managed to take a bag of trash out of her room (old crib sheets that are stained and some junk toys). I also filled a bag full of adult size hangers to sell. I am up to 15 now- 25 to go!

We are off to Winter Park this weekend for some skiing and catching up with old friends. I can’t wait to see Emma rip it on skis again. Seeing her happy is another thing that makes my heart full. I’m striving and working every day to make life about collecting moments. As long as I can say I did my best that day to work towards that goal, I know I am doing things right.

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