Burned Out

I’m putting it out there…. I’m burned out. I am tired of going through the stuff in my house. I don’t want to look through another bin. I don’t want to post anymore items for sale. I still have another clear out of the playroom, the basement and the garage to go.

Life has been spent lately outside enjoying the sunshine and writing. We’ve been riding to school and crossing off things on our spring bucket list! IMG_8976

I have two new writing assignments on my docket right now. Here is one of my latest articles on ironman.com about Josette Harris– a Coloradoan who won a spot to Kona through the Boulder to Kona program.

We are off to Salt Lake to spend Spring Break with AJ’s sister and family. We are planning to get in some skiing and other adventure while we are there. Emma is looking forward to spending time with her cousins. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery!

Maybe when we get back, I will find the energy and gusto I need to get back to it. Although, it is almost what I refer to as the “most wonderful time of year”- playoff hockey time.IMG_8973

When I do go back into the trenches, I think in regards to the playroom this article on Toy Minimalism is a good place to start. If you have been following your own purging journey, here is a great link to the best places to donate.

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