Spring Break in the Beehive State

OK, I had no idea that one of Utah’s nicknames was the Beehive State. The state’s official emblem is the beehive representing hard work.

We decided somewhat last minute to jump in the car and spend Emma’s Spring Break in Utah. AJ’s sister Kathy lives just outside of SLC in Draper. His parents happened to be out to visit as well, making it a great opportunity to see family.

Many posts ago, I mentioned my distaste for long car rides but how they will be more of a necessity if we want to explore. While Emma has endured four plus hours of flying, our longest car ride has been three hours with her. I found myself trying to find things to keep her occupied packing up the crayons and coloring books and downloading Moana and Sing. Anything to make the trip easier for all of us…….

The trip out really well. We had decent weather for most of the way encountering rain only when we hit Little America off I-80. We stopped there for dinner telling Emma about the many times we have stopped at Little America traveling back and forth from Utah over the years. It’s fun to make new memories with Emma stopping at our old “haunts.”‘

The rain lasted all the way through to Kathy’s house. Emma was a dream in the car. She played games, colored and watched Sing in the car. She spent time playing with the balloon she got from a birthday party we went to before we left. We saw animals on the way including buffalo and antelope. She loved spotting trains and seeing the wind turbines turning. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion. We pulled up to Kathy’s house 6.5 hours later around 7:30 P.M.

Emma’s was so excited to see her cousins and vice versa. Add in the new puppy Vader, and she wasn’t in bed till after 10. ‘Just a couple more minutes,” became the theme for most of the trip.

We spent the week catching up with old friends and making memories with the cousins. We bounced on the trampoline, went climbing, visited the aquarium and the Curiosity Museum.

It’s so great to see the interaction with Emma and her cousins. As she gets older, the bonds they are creating are irreplaceable. Because of the difference in ages (and the fact we see them 1-2 x a year), this is really the first time she really connected with them. It has us really looking forward to our trip to North Carolina this June.

The ride home wasn’t as smooth as the ride out. It rained/sleeted the whole way basically. We were all feeling the later nights and the disrupted sleep from all sharing a bed. Still all in all we are lucky Emma is an easy traveler.

We just booked a weekend camping trip to Glenwood Springs for Memorial Day. Despite the recent snow, our mind is on summer and all the fun we have planned.

My latest article for mtbproject.com is live now about the Little Bellas mountain bike program. I really enjoyed learning more about this great program, and I really hope the program is around when Emma turns seven.

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