Finding Beauty

I wish I could be more like her in so many ways. But years of bad habits and negative thoughts have made it harder. But everyday, I try.

The person I am talking about is Emma. Last Friday as we drove to see Born in China on a gray and cold day, she still could look around and find beauty. She pointed out how cute the baby trees were. She mentioned the big storm drains and the little drains. She didn’t mention them for the aesthetic look but for the beauty in what drains do for us. We have talked many times about the purpose of drains while going on puddle jumps around the neighborhood. Today as she looked out the window at the snow, she mentioned how the melting snow will help water the grass, trees and plants. So, my goal is to find beauty in things for more reasons than for the looks of them.

I’m sad that Emma’s first trail running race was canceled for tomorrow, but it looks like the weather will improve the end of next week into the weekend. I know we will take advantage of it. And if I look at the situation through Emma’s eyes, we are getting much needed moisture after a fairly dry winter.

I am due for a post about the 40 Days Challenge. IMG_9560I did not complete 40 bags in  40 days. I did get up to 30 and still need to keep going. Circumstances may have us changing the now current playroom into an office, so Emma’s playroom will be moved into the basement. That will call for me to purge additional toys and really work on the basement purging. I did finally call Amvets to pick up six boxes of donations today clearing them out of the basement. I hope to clear out another four bins when our neighborhood garage sale happens in early June. Just like the turtle said, “Slow and steady wins the race!”

I am tickled by all the feedback my first Washington Post article has garnered. High school classmates, old friends and writing colleagues have been kind enough to comment, share and send their congrats! Thank you!

A fun article I wrote for Colorado Parent on National Clean Up Your Room Day just came out in the May issue. I wrapped up two posts for the Denver launch of and am working on a third right now. I am beginning to work on one of my articles in a series of eight to nine articles about a triathlete named Marcus Cook as he leads up to Ironman Kona 2018. I pitched another article to the Post and am following up on past pitches.

Here’s to sunny skies, getting outside and enjoying time with family!


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