Celebrating Ends

We spend a lot of time celebrating firsts with children but not a lot of thought is given to the ends (unless they are major like graduating). For the first time a few weeks ago, Emma asked me to leave her alone while she was working on an art project. To me, it was a signal of her gaining independence. It’s a joy to see her beam with pride when she accomplishes something herself without help.

She no longer has to have her beloved blanket and puppy she calls Bye (because she takes him when she goes bye bye) with her when we go to classes, school etc. In my mind, this is something to celebrate. It was always a mad dash to find them when we left to go some place. It was a fight to make her keep them in the car most of the time!

We just turned her playroom into a proper office and brought her toys to the basement. We can trust her to go down to the basement to play and trust her to go up to the loft area (the former office) that is now the crafting/art area. Now, I can cook dinner and let her play independently whether it is upstairs, in the basement or the backyard. I know she gets a boost in her confidence because she has gained our trust.

As much as I love no longer having toys strewn about from the playroom through the hallway and into the living room, I have vivid memories of trying to pass the time in the room before Dada got home from work and of trying to stay happy during the winter weather. AJ and Emma had one last block building session before the entire office changeover.


IMG_9623 (1)
One last block session 

Emma is also completely independent on her pedal bike now. No more back breaking helping her get started etc. It’s a celebration because now we get on our bikes together basically everyday to look for ants etc. We have a new activity we can do together as a family.


When one thing ends, one thing begins.

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